Creating a link between nature and wine

Connecting the source, the birthplace of everything, with all the treasures it can bestow. That’s the idea behind the Scent Garden. Wine comes from the land, and the vines draw their energy from it by burying their roots within it. Each soil, combined with the grape variety, eventually reveals its personality in a few bottles. Welcomed simply in a glass, the wine also has its secrets to unveil, many of which are connected to everything else that grows at our feet. Now let’s talk about grape varieties, and their characteristics and identities. Each of them, at different stages of their lives, offers a different explosion of flavours and aromas. Making the connection between the life of a wine, its personality and Nature is the raison d’être of the Scent Garden.

Yes, but not anyhow

We organise ourselves, it is not because we are passionate that we go in all directions. So, what then? Well, the Garden is organised according to themes, aromatic plants, red fruits, fruit trees, a place for everything and everything in its place. Each space has a little sign which tells you what’s at your feet, and how you can connect it with what’s in your glass!


The Scent Garden is a unique little nook. This is where we must take the time to breathe, and let ourselves go.

Roger Burgdorfer