With the 2nd generation

He’s not too keen on having it all mapped out before him. His thing is to be headstrong and stubborn, and when we’re like that, we must prove in the eyes of the entire Universe that we are capable of escaping our comfort zones. So, his early years were suffused with finance, human resources and above all, communication. He manages the communication agency Buxum Communication along with his two partners, and a small team of twenteen, and this is where he reaped quality experiences that made a lasting impression on him. From this blossomed the desire and the growing excitement to join the Paradis adventure. It all came into fruition in 2015, and he kept a foot in the communication business by sticking with Buxum Communication.

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Génération #2


between father and son

The Domaine du Paradis is not only a story of passion and emotion, but one of budding growth. In the world of winemaking, 1983 is not a common birth date for a wine estate. So, we’re only the second generation along in this adventure. While some focus on long-standing traditions and seniority, we strive to focus on dynamism, desire and innovation! That’s all… not much, is it?

Word of mouth?

That’s always what we prefer to say, because there’s more charm in word of mouth. So that’s what we will say! In reality, it’s a blend of sharing experiences and knowledge, learning on the job, getting involved and having the presence of mind to go seek out information.

Since May 2015, Jérémie has been a part of the Paradis adventure. He had some soul-searching to do, some wandering, in order to ignite in him the passion that should fuel us all. Since they were little, the Burgdorfer children were told that working with the family would only be possible if the desire was really there. The ideal world doesn’t exist everywhere, but at Le Paradis, working with your heart is a prerequisite. And that’s not as straightforward as it sounds…

First, we need to fully understand something that seems logical for the first, but not so easy for the next person along: that it requires passion to work in the profession. First the work must be performed out of pleasure and desire, and we must make sure we don’t feel trapped in it. When we take on something created by our ancestors, it isn’t always a clear-cut, straight-forward choice. But that doesn’t matter, because if it’s something we really want to do, then we just go for it! The details come later.

Wanting to do it, OK.

But then what?

Wet, and as Roger often says, referring to a popular French expression: “In the vineyard, the land is low. Right?” A real joker! And his son would be the first to agree!

Which role at Le Paradis?

Le Paradis, our own paradise anyway, functions on the basis of three vital pillars: The vineyard, the wine and the overall management. Didier and his team are responsible for the wine, accustomed to the worst conditions to achieve the best results. Everyone is involved in the management, but primarily it falls into the capable hands of Rosette. As for the vineyard,


Roger and his team have run it, but since 2018 it has been taken over permanently by Jérémie.

Making his mark

Taking over the management of the vineyard is a long learning process, but he’s fortunate to be able to follow in the footsteps of extraordinary people who know the business inside out. And outside the vineyard, he can add his own personal touch. A few management skills, an overall vision of communication and activities, a proven work dynamic and all the rest.

He won’t be judged before God tomorrow, but any false notes are forbidden, and proving his ability is vital in learning the tricks of the trade. Watch this space!

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