A dash of history first.

The first step in Paradise is not nothing.

To really get where we are, what goes on in our piece of the world, who worked on the vineyard before us, who makes wine at the same time as us. The first step at Le Paradis, it was no small feat. Genevan wine, Swiss wine, any wine… why do we like it? Is it really still thanks to the Romans?

The history of Le Paradis wasn’t created in a day, and we’ll tell you about that as well then. It’s always nice to learn about the people who created the foundations of what we are today.

We’ll give you a clue… the guy here in the photo on the right has a lot to do with it!

How does it work then ?

Let's go into detail!

Learning how it works, from the vine plant to the wine bottle. All that equipment and manpower to get there, with the risks, challenges, pleasures, seasons, wood, stainless steel… Anyway, how does it all work?

Ok, but at what cost ?

To visit the entire set-up by following the course of the grape through all the different stages, to check out the barrels and the vats, to understand all the phases until you end up with a complete bottle and to answer all your questions, that will set you back 35 francs per person and will take a good hour (if not more). And have you heard the latest? The private tasting is included in the visit!

The reason for it all

it's living a beautiful story

A cellar visit is the time to discover or to rediscover what transforms the land into a passion. This is also the time to explain to you what we do differently here, and the same in other places, and vice versa. Whether you’re alone or in a group, whether you drink wine or not, whether you’re an enthusiast or just curious, in a couple, with your family, among friends, anything is possible. The main thing is that you leave having gained something. You don’t always need to go look further afield.

The duration of the cellar visit can vary depending on whether you’re super curious or more reserved, whether you want to touch everything or you just keep calm. Anyway, you have got it, anything is possible! After a little trip through the history of the estate and wine in Geneva, we will take you behind the scenes of Le Paradis to trace the path of the grape during the harvest period, to when they become bunches in the bottle of sealed and served at the table.

Tell us briefly what you want

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So, tempted by Le Paradis? We’d be thrilled to show you a great time, so send us a brief outline about what you’re interested in doing with us.

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