That’s what we are and what we do. Want to know more?

Le Paradis is not only located in Geneva, but it is home to a piece of it, at least. And where we live, you’ll only find Angels! They put their emotion and passion into the world’s most beautiful profession, and the wines unveiled by their wings bear testament to this.

The History

Nothing comes into the world by chance. And that goes for us, too. If you’re interested in our history, Le Paradis will open up to you.

The wines

If wine has a history, it surely has a soul, and we are no exception. Fancy meeting them?

Wine, and what else?

Our passion goes way beyond wine. Wine is all about pleasure, discovery and sharing.

The History.

The wines.

What we offer.

Revealing what goes on behind the scenes also matters.

A daily life is meant to be shared! We love to tell you what we think, about what we do, describe how we work and share the favourites that we’ve scattered around.

To the blog

It’s not just the vines, it’s not just winemaking, it’s not just…

Learning and explaining.

All wine comes from working the vine. Being involved in this area means you learn to love growth, rebirth, change, renewal and continual self-questioning. Love like that means you care, innovate, seek, understand and then start over.


Discovery of our wines, explanation of elaborations and vinifications, comments and explanations.


Happiness means nothing unless it is shared. When we introduce you to our wines, our Paradis, this is the chance for us to make you appreciate this a little, at least to match the excitement and passion that we put into them each day.

Visit of the cellar

Explanations of wine-making methods, our working processes, presentation of our tools and discovery.

To share is to perpetuate.

Without a doubt, sharing forms the basis of the life we have carved out. To reach Le Paradis on Earth, you have to experience it with other people, it’s too far to be alone. That’s why we invite you to experience it with us.

Your moment

Sometimes, all you need is some quality time. We can help you with that, too, along with our Scent Garden and our cellar.

So much emotion has gone into this…