Your moment belongs to you

With or without us

A trip to Paradis doesn’t always mean an encounter with the Angels. But if it makes you happy, then that’s all that matters! All that to say that an event at our place can be held with or without us.

Almost as you wish

It’s up to you to let us know what kind of occasion you want to celebrate at Le Paradis. We can do (almost) anything, but there’s no such thing as perfection here.

Fancy a bite to eat ?

Feeling peckish? Whether an aperitif dinner, some nibbles or a meal on site, we work with partners – caterers and chefs – who share our professional philosophy. We take care of everything for you, we combine their offering and expertise with ours, we make you an offer and pair our wines, and we’re all set!

How many people ?

As Angels, we are more geared towards intimacy and small groups. The Scent Garden can accommodate up to 80 people in good weather, while the cellar – the only inside space – can only take about twenty-four. In general, we err on the side of caution and recommend small groups, just to be sure.

A barrel cellar, Tuscan!

Tuscany, a region that appeals to many. And then it’s a part of the family, by the way! The result of all this is a table and chairs between barrels, bathed in the ochre and fire hues of the walls, eyes in alcoves retracing the history of our Paradise.

Coming out of the cave, you fall born with the pond of the Garden of Scents, its water lilies and its flowering nooks with the colors and aromas of wines. What to have a good time, whether it is a tasting or simply a picnic with a glass of wine. Our little Paradise, ours, we like to share it with those who appreciate it to its true value.

The Garden of Scents: a link between wine and nature

Make the link between the origin, the cradle of everything, and what it has best to offer. This is the idea supported by the Garden of Scents. The wine comes from the earth, where the vines draw their energy by burying their roots. Each soil, combined with the grape variety, eventually reveals its personality in a few bottles. Simply welcomed in a glass, the wine also has its secrets to share with you, many of which are related to the rest of what grows at our feet. It’s time to talk about grape varieties and their characteristics and identities. Each of them, at different stages of their lives, offers us a different explosion of flavors and aromas. Making the link between the life of a wine, its personality, and Nature, this is the “why” of the Garden of Scents.


Yes, but not just any way

We have organized ourselves, it is not because we are passionate that we leave in all directions. So what? So the Garden is organized by themes, aromatic plants, red fruits, fruit trees, everything has a place and a place for everything. Each space has a small panel that will explain what is at your feet, and how you can make the connection with your glass!

Jardin des Senteurs

Summing ourselves up

and keep it simple

The vaulted cellar and the Scent Garden always go hand in hand. A private party at this piece of Paradis starts at 500 francs for 4-5 hours (ask us for more informations).

Capacities (seated / standing)

  • Scent Garden (in good weather) :
    • 80 people standing / 24 people seated
  • Vaulted cellar (good or bad weather) :
    • 35 people standing / 24 people seated

Catering via external partners (ours, or yours if you wish). Get in touch with us, we will make everything clear through a customized offer.

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