Where does the spark come from?

01. Fritz Burgdorfer – the roots

Roger’s first job was working alongside his father and learning from him. He gave his studies his best shot, but that wasn’t really his thing. He left school at 17 to work with his father, a vineyard worker. He trained at the same time in Changins, learning how to graft. He became a nurseryman, working alongside Fritz.

02. Craving independence

Working for others, yes, he tried that too. But in the end, working for himself was so much more appealing. What he needed to do before anything was to prove to the vineyard keepers of the time that he was capable. There’s no way he could start up an estate like that round there, not without an inheritance or land to give him a leg-up.

03. A woman for life

He needed one, like in all good stories. He popped into the post office in the village of Satigny one day to pick up his mail. And there she was, replacing the post office boss, taking the counter by storm. And that was it: in the bag!

04. Building

It goes without saying that building was required. On this land that bore nothing, they built their first resource. Premises covering 60 m2, and a living area of 35 m2. With Sabrina, they shared the kitchen in an office and in a living room, this was the start of big things.

Maison du Paradis

The house du Paradis

The origins

of our Paradis

It depends where you’re born really ! Well, yes, as that’s where it all starts. Roger was born on a day in December 1954 in Satigny in the Geneva countryside. In a yellow house, where he spent his first 25 years, on the Chemin du Paradis… When he was able to fly the nest, Roger launched his own estate. The name was pretty much ready-made, as the emotion and passion were born in the house on Chemin du Paradis, thanks to his father. And that’s how Le Domaine du Paradis came to be!

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