Nos Anges

Rui Marcolino

Cap model

Rui Marcolino, or "Marcolino" for the more adventurous, manages the estate’s machines along with Luis. He drives anything that has wheels, he’s reserved, he’s efficient, what else could we ask for?! But that’s not all, he rocks a cap like no other!

Luis Machado

Machines Manager

Luis joined Le Paradis in 2006. His curiosity and desire to learn made him the right-hand man of José Valadas, before we trained him as a mechanic to manage our machines.

José Alberto


José Alberto is a pillar of our wine-producing team. He has been at Le Paradis for many years and is one of those workers who can be found in both the vineyard and the cellar.


Welcoming committee

Nola finds fulfilment in welcoming visitors and motivating our team, no one can liven up your tastings and our daily lives like she can. She’s slightly noisy when you arrive, but she’ll soon become your best friend.

Tanguy Lenoble


Tanguy does the honours at Le Paradis as an oenologist. He arrived in January 2011 with Hélène and under the management of Didier they form the dream team of our paradisiac cellar. He does all the odd jobs, repairs almost everything, and always has something to say to keep us firmly down to earth.

José Valadas

Vineyard Manager

José has been working with us since 1995, and he organised the vineyard operations under the supervision of Roger, and now Jérémie. All the decisions applied to our 35 hectares of vineyard go through him, and he’s in charge of the entire wine-producing team.

Séverine Jaccoud

Administrative Manager

Séverine joined Le Paradis in early 2016 to take over the administration of Le Paradis under the management of Rosette. She flits between the figures, the phones and the communication, an eternal smile on her face! She now takes care of the administrative aspects of Le Paradis.

Didier Cornut

Wine-maker and sales manager

Didier has been making wine, as well as creating and inventing for Le Domaine du Paradis since 1991. He masterfully runs the cellar, its equipment and his team to bring you the best of our Paradis, all enclosed in a bottle.

Rosette Burgdorfer

Creator of Le Paradis

Rosette has managed and organised the financial, administrative and above all the human aspects of the estate since its creation. From cakes for the harvest to the federal cellar inspections, she controls everything! Now she’s passing on her smile and her cakes to the next generation.

Jérémie Burgdorfer

Jérémie worked in the HR world before co-founding and managing a communication agency where he remains active. For a few seasons, he learned the business with his father and managed the vineyard and the company with the Angels. He took over the management of the Paradis in 2019.

Roger Burgdorfer

Creator of Le Paradis

Roger founded the Domaine du Paradis with his wife and guardian angel, Rosette, in 1983. He learned his trade from his father, who infused him with the passion that fuels him, and that he has passed on to his son. He looks down on us from up above, offering us a good-natured helping hand!

Hélène de Ruyter


Our story with Hélène started on a national holiday! “A phone call fell from the sky” as she likes to put it, brought her to Le Paradis on 1 August 2011. She knows chemical formulae inside out.